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A lifestyle photographer and blogger based in Devon.


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Cornish Culinary

Chantelle Bridgman

Isn’t it about time I composed a blog post dedicated to Cornwall? I spend enough time in the beautiful county (especially the St Ives area) to become a resident! Despite being a Devonian I am happy to share my love for Cornwall, I am not party to the Devon and Cornwall rivalry. However I do firmly believe that the cream goes on a scone before the jam! 

Cornwall is beautiful all year round, but more so when the sun is shining. The shades of blue that take over the waters surrounding the Cornish coast can lead you to believe you are somewhere exotic. With it’s clean air and exquisite light, it enables my captures and love for photography to shine.

Fortunately these last few months, we have had some glorious sunshine and like our waterproofs we have shrugged off our gloomy moods and embraced the sun. One of my favourite things is eating alfresco and with the combination of sunshine and Cornwall’s wonderful eateries this is made possible but most importantly, extremely enjoyable! Surrounded by impeccable scenery and a cool, refreshing G&T in hand, I have found my spot for the next few hours. 

With an ever growing Cornish photo album and checklist of places I have visited, I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite spots I have recently visited. 

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Mango's turns One

Chantelle Bridgman

Exeter is a city full of eateries and bars and it can be hard to stand out. It is not just about how your food tastes but the presentation of the dish, the ambience of the venue and the hospitality of the staff. With blogging becoming a fashionable trend, that along side social media are taking over the world of reviews, so it has to be a desirable setting.

For those of you that know Exeter you will be aware of how popular the quay is, especially in the summer. With people stopping off on their bike rides and those well earned breaks from the water sports, it’s a prime location.

I have spent many a sunny day at the quay and always yearned for a good brunch bar, lo and behold, there it was, Mango’s. Awesome menu. Tick. Superb location. Tick. Tick tick tick. Yep it ticks all the boxes.

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