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Spring Fling

Chantelle Bridgman

Spring has sprung, queue the Spring cleaners. Why not see this as the perfect opportunity to clear out your wardrobe and hold a clothes swap. Yesterday I went to my first clothes swap event held at Tara’s. 

I recently donated a huge selection of my wardrobe to charity, so initially I struggled to pick what to take with me. Sunday morning came and it was decision time… those items that I loved so much but just hadn’t worn in so long. I decided these items would look better on somebody else rather than in my wardrobe. 

I added my items to the rail in Tara’s living room, overwhelmed with the wonderful selection of clothes and accessories that had been donated (Labels had been provided to price our items). I had a browse through the garments and tried some on. I couldn’t believe some of the gorgeous clothes and accessories that were being sold for unbelievable prices. But that is the beauty of a clothes swap, you get wonderful pre-loved items at incredible prices and still get the excitement of buying something new. I bought myself the cutest denim dress with my earnings from the day. 

When taking a break from the clothes, Tara had provided wonderful refreshments and we even had the opportunity to have our hair done by a hair stylist (Every outfit looks better with pampered hair right?!).

Tara and Emma’s Spring fling made a glorious Sunday morning, earning and/or spending a few pennies and I even performed my daily good deed by donating my left over items to charity. I gained a cute little dress, ate yummy cupcakes and got to see some lovely faces new and old. 


I cannot wait for the next one!

CB x