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Coffee Shop Corners | Part 4

Chantelle Bridgman

April has been and gone and another month of visiting Exeter’s wonderful indie cafes has been completed. April brought a beautiful transition into spring, enabling me to enjoy some of my lunch breaks in the sunshine.

To celebrate coffee week, I took trip to the delightful Devon Coffee. Located on Queen street, Devon coffee is the perfect coffee spot to take a break from the shops. A friend of mine had recommended the cinnamon toast, so I went with the intention to order just that. However the menu was extremely tempting, so my friend and I decided to share two of the sourdough toasties AND some cinnamon toast. We opted for the honeyed halloumi and the mumbai spiced cheese. Both toasties were absolutely delicious and we barely had room for the cinnamon toast, but we found room, obvs. So, the cinnamon toast… there is something about their cinnamon toast. Honestly, if you like cinnamon you have to try it! It takes tasty to a whole new level. I will certainly be returning very soon, especially with the toastie and a hot drink offer!

My next venture was on one of April’s stunningly sunny days and I found the perfect seat outside The Exploding Bakery. Sat soaking up the sun, enjoying EB’s delicious banana bread and a refreshing lemonade whilst watching the world go by, sounds like the perfect lunch hour right! EB offer a selection of savoury, sweet and both hot and cold drinks. So whether it’s a cake date, a working lunch or a cuppa before work, it’s the perfect cafe to take some time out and treat your tastebuds.

It has been another great month of visiting some of Exeter’s finest independent coffee shops and supporting local.

I have been very keen this month and already visited two cafes! I can’t wait to share May’s adventures with you.

I hope you have a marvellous May and enjoy visiting some of Exeter’s coffee shop sensations. 

CB x