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Coffee Shop Corners


Coffee Shop Corners

Chantelle Bridgman

Do you take your lunch break at work or are you guilty of eating at the desk whilst picking up calls and replying to emails? 

It’s not easy to squeeze in a lunch break, but taking a break can increase your productivity and can set you up for a great afternoon.


Each lunch I try to stop my instinct of ‘there’s too much to do’ or ‘one more email’ and tell myself to take a break. Stepping outside, going for a walk, absorbing natural light and breathing in some fresh air is essential. Stress levels and tension instantly drop and when I get back to office I am ready to take on the afternoon. 

It has been proven that the ambient sound of a café can be the most beneficial sound level for creativity. So I wanted to start a monthly blog post to firstly, encourage you to take your lunch breaks, secondly to suggest my favourite local independent cafes and finally to help you on your way to a proactive afternoon. 

Keep your eyes peeled on my blog in January, when I will be adding my first instalment of my Coffee Shop Corners blog post.


CB x