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A sunny Saturday in Topsham


A sunny Saturday in Topsham

Chantelle Bridgman

Those of you who know me or follow my posts on Instagram will know I have a lot of love for Topsham. From it’s picturesque scenery, the adorable shops and eateries, desirable homes and it’s welcoming community feel. 

So of course I was delighted when Tara suggested we head to Topsham for a few hours today. We were joined by the lovely Emma and began our stroll along the goat walk. (I have never walked this walk before. I highly recommend it, it is beautiful.) The sun was shinning, there were signs of Spring and as girls do we were having a good old chat. 

We reached Darts Farm and felt we had earned ourselves a slice of cake and a beverage. Overwhelmed with the selection of cakes and snacks it was a tough decision but The Exploding bakery’s salted caramel chocolate brownie was calling my name. Pleasantly washed down with a pineapple sunrise smoothie. DELICIOUS. We had our food to go and sat outside, accompanied by the warmth of the splendid sunshine. 

The girls and I discussed our ideas, passions and upcoming events. I always find it refreshing and inspiring to spend time with like minded people wanting to achieve a goal like myself.

We took a gentle stroll back to Topsham where we popped into a few of the shops and hunted for some vintage wine glasses for one of Tara’s upcoming events. Success! Tara found a selection of six varied wine glasses. (I can’t wait to see them filled with Tara’s cocktails.) 

So here I sit reviewing my photos, brain storming ideas and excited for Tara and Emma’s upcoming events.

I hope you have all had a lovely sunny Saturday and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

CB x